Mobilization happens right in the middle of one of the biggest indigenous rights offensive on the last years

Terra Livre Camping (ATL) will gather more than 1.5 thousand indigenous leaderships from all over the country in Brasília, from the Aprils 24th to the 28th. The biggest indigenous mobilization of the country will happen during one of the biggest offensive against their rights, articulated in the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary powers. On this year, the camping motto is “Unify the fights and strengthen the indigenous Brazil. For the guarantee of our people originary rights.” and its goal is to “gather in a big assembly leaderships of indigenous people and organizations from all over Brazil to discuss and position themselves about the constitutional and indigenous people originary rights violations and all the Brazilian State anti-indigenous policies.”

The ATL is an important articulation moment between all over the country leaderships and about the indigenous movement political incidence. There are in the mobilization agenda, amongst others, the paralyzation of indigenous land demarcations; the weakening of indigenous institutes and public policies; the anti-indigenous legislative initiatives that are being processed on the Congress; the “Time Frame” thesis, which considers only Indigenous Lands the ones that were owned by indigenous communities on the Constitution promulgation date (10/5/1988); the enterprises that negatively affect indigenous territories; the differenced health and education indigenous precariousness; the Justice access denial and the indigenous leaderships criminalization.

During the three days of ATL will happen march’s, public acts, Three powers authorities audiences, debates, lectures, discussing groups and cultural activities. The ATL 2017 is promoted by Brazil’s indigenous people articulation (APIB) with indigenous organizations support, indigenous supporters, civil society and social movements partners.

The APIB will provide logistics, infrastructure and feeding conditions on the camping. The delegations transport to Brasília will be in charge of the networks and regional indigenous organizations and their partners. The reception is set to April’s 24th, from dinner time. The activities ending will happen on the night of April 27. The delegations return to their states will happen on the 28th.

To other infos, contact the Apib representation in Brasília: (61) 3034-5548
The ATL 2017 call is available here:


The Brazil’s indigenous people articulation – APIB is an agglutination instance and national reference to the indigenous movement in Brazil. The APIB was created by the Terra Livre Camping (ATL) of 2005, the national mobilization that happens every year, starting in 2004, to make visible the indigenous rights situation and vindicate the brazilian State the demand and claim attendance of the indigenous people. APIB is formed by the following regional indigenous organizations: Northeast indigenous people articulation, Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo (APOINME), Terena Council, Southeast Indigenous People Articulation (ARPINSUDESTE), South Indigenous People Articulation (ARPINSUL), Guarani People Big Assembly (ATY GUASSÚ), Brazilian Amazon Indigenous Organizations Coordination (COIAB) and Guarani Yvyrupa Commission.

Free Land Camping 2017
Unify the fights and strengthen the indigenous Brazil.
For the guarantee of our people originary rights.
When: 24 to 28 April 2017
Where: Brasilia, DF, place still to be defined