There are only a few days left for the beginning of the Free Land Camp 2017. The entire program aims to bring together in a large assembly leaders of indigenous peoples and organizations from all regions of Brazil to discuss and position themselves on the violation of the constitutional indigenous rights and the anti-indigenous policies of the brazilian State. Check out the complete grid:

April 24th

– Delegations arrival

– Reception Plenary

– Publication Launch (Unified Report): UN special Rapporteur to the indigenous people; Rapporteur about indigenous rights (Dhesca Platform) and parallel Report to the RPU.

– Surprise artistic presentation

April 25th


– Opening Plenary

– Bureau on threats to indigenous rights in the three branches of government:

*Political Juncture

  1. Executive Power: Deconstructions of the institutions and public policies directed  to the indigenous people (demarcation paralyzation, Dismantle of Funai and Sesai, decrees, etc.).
  2. Legislative Power: anti-indigenous legislation initiatives (Inquiry Parliamentary Commission – CPI; Law Projects – LP; Constitutional Amendment Proposals – CAP; Legislative Decree Projects – LDP).
  3. Judiciary System: Thesis of Time Frame, demarcation processes judicialized; Repossessions of Property; the Access to Justice rights denial; leaderships criminalization.


March / National Congress Act


Indigenous Women Plenary

Cultural Activities

April 26th


– Plenary: Themed Work Groups Guidance

* Indigenous Lands and territories (land situation, indigenous lands demarcation)

* Enterprises that impact indigenous territories (consultation right and free, previous and informed consent, consultation of community protocols).

* Time Frame; Right to access justice; indigenous communities and leaderships criminalization

* Indigenous Health / Indigenous Health Special Secretary (SESAI): background, current situation of the special policy and prospects.

* Indigenous school Education: pryors, current situation of the special policy and prospects, internal- and international (Law Projects – LP, Constitutional Amendment Proposals – CAP, International Treaties).


– Plenary: Themed Groups results socialization

– Debate and referrals

– Public Hearing on HRC of Federal Congress


Free Land Audiovisual exhibit

Concert: Demarcation Now

April 27th


– Plenary / Debate : “Unify the fights in defense of the indigenous Brazil”, with the presence of representatives from urban and countryside organizations and social movements.

– Plenary / Debate : “International articulation and unification of the indigenous peoples fights”, with the presence of APIB indigenous leaderships and international indigenous movements.

– FLC 2017 Memory


– March and FLC Final Document protocol with the ministries.

– Hearings FLC Final Document protocols on STF Ministers chambers.

– Closure


Free Land Audiovisual exhibit

Special session: Martírio (2’50’’)

April 28th:

Indigenous movements taking part in the General Strike act with other social movements.

Complementary Activities:

  1. indigenous parliamentary, mayors and vice mayors Articulation meetings
  2. Indigenous communicators Articulation meetings
  3. Indigenous lawyers Articulation meetings
  4. Indigenous Women and Youth Articulation meetings
  5. Other Articulation meetings
  6. Exhibits: audiovisual, musical, cultural and artistic manifestations.

Obs.: The complementary activities should happen in different schedules of the plenaries, work groups, marches and manifestations, being preferentially on FLC nights.