The Spacial Research Institute (Inpe) publicized on the last November 18th new data confirming the AMazon deforestation increasing in 29.5% from August 2018 to July 2019, reaching a 9.762 km² area. It’s about the worst increasing percentage from the last two decades.

This is the largest deforestation rate on the last 10 years, an alarming data, a harmful harvest, fruit of the anti-environment speech and policy from the current government, On the last months, the president Jair Bolsonaro and Ministry of Environment, Ricardo Salles, scolded and criticize the environmental organs agents rigidity of inspections against the illegal loggers and encouraged illegal panning, indigenous lands and conservation units invasions with their speeches. The government also revoked the Decree that prevented sugar cane planting on Amazon and Pantanal, biomes where the soy and cattle raising already make damages.

This way, the capital force gets encouraged by the official speech, advance and want to appropriate from the territories, in order to exploit till exhaustion the natural goods stocks there existent.

No wonder where finishing today on Europe the ‘Advocacy Tour Indigenous Blood: Not a Single Drop More. We have been for 35 days on a circulation denouncing and warning the world about the atrocities that are happening in Brazil. We’re asking for Europe’s solidarity not to ratify the Mercosul deal, just like creating laws that can curb, give transparency, traceability, and punishment to the companies that buy products that come from conflict areas or indigenous lands. It is required that all parts – being State, companies and civil society -assume their responsibility in relation to the problem that the climate crisis represents to humanity in the 21st Century. The moment is dramatic and urgent!

The deforestation data must be considered by the international community as crime proof against nature and humanity. Appropriate measures must be taken against the current Brazilian government destroying wrath.

With the indigenous and environment policies dismantling, the systematic systemic attacks to our lives and the State Policies that ensure this life and the biodiversity respect, we are, as peoples, condemned to extermination.

Today we, indigenous peoples, are 5% of the world population and, even with that number, we are responsible by 82% of the world’s biodiversity preservation. That is, the systematic attacks that have been undertaken against our territories also are attacks against whole humanity.

It is required that global society wakes up urgently and the Bolsonaro government fascist saga be stopped on the streets, social media and by national and international institutions. We don’t have a plan B, because we don’t have a planet B. This is a help request, a warning scream from Indigenous Peoples from Brazil.